Production / Pre-Made Vs. Pre-Order

Our Products are made and manufactured from overseas.


All Pre-Made pieces are already made pieces and are ready to be shipped out. If the item is Pre-Made readily on hand and available then it will go out within the Next 2 Days after the day of the order being placed.


If the item is a Pre-Order piece that means it will require production and wait time for production. If an item has to wait for production, it will take 2-3 weeks. Please be patient with us!!! All orders will be fulfilled and sent out to every supporter and customer.


All orders come with a Standard 2-3 Day Priority Shipping once dropped off at the post office.


If you need to reach out and get in contact with us about your order or anything else you can always DM us on Instagram We get back to most of our DM’s within 24 hours but if we didn’t you can email us with your order # at

False Chargebacks/ Refunds

All orders are final within the site after being placed. There is No refunds. If Order is suspected to be a false chargeback or disputed after purchase, you will be notified to Shopify that you did so and falsely reported that we didn’t send you your items. All detected fraud comes warned through the site!!!! If this is the case and it happens you will be charged the purchase price with an interest fee for fraud.


We work thoroughly to ensure all of our customers and supporters are satisfied and get orders out on time. We Thank You and Appreciate you for your support and patience. 1LOVE